State Tournament Link

We managed to get our eight previews out in the two days we had before the tournament started and give our opinions of what is going to happen and what to watch for in the 6A down through 4A-II action.
Class 3A on down also has some very good players as well as top action as well if you are attending the games this week.
Tournament games start today, and Wichita Eagle high school reporter Joanna Chadwick has posted her thoughts on all of the games involved and does an excellent job of it simply because 1. she actually cares about the athletes involved and 2. does her best to assure a non biased approach to her print materials.
Since I'm kind of laid up at the moment, I am going to defer to her opinions and link you to her tournament information. We will resume our coverage on athletes moving on to the next level and allow her to cover the play by play action which she does so well.
The following link will get you to the web site where she will post her information and she can be followed on twitter @joannachadwick
We have also linked to several places which will have streaming of today's games as well as the rest of the tournament.